StayCay Hideaway in Hov

If you are having a hard time deciding if you want to rent in Torekov or Båstad, rent this Modern StayCay Hideaway between Båstad and Torekov.

Welcome to rent this holiday home for your next staycation!

This modern home is located between Torekov and Båstad and offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the best of Southern Sweden. If you are looking to experience our Freedom to Roam right (Sweden’s generous offer to freely roam the countryside), you will find the trail starts at your backdoor. The ‘Bjäre’ countryside has a unique historical mythology associated with rich farmland, high flat points, and dramatic sea cliffs. The area is filled with Bronze Age monuments and offers Swedens best biking and hiking. If you are looking for a golfers getaway or world-class dining this home is the right choice for you.

Wake up and step outside enjoy the morning or evening on this spacious hardwood deck.

Guests will enjoy spending the day at Bjäre’s many farm shops; collecting fresh, organic ingredients. Everything one will need to make an unbelievable dinner in this fine kitchen. Bring your creativity and enjoy the amazing organic meats, fruits & vegetables or fresh fish and seafood. If you would like help finding our most treasured places, please contact us at StayCay service.

Relax in this well designed, quality home and enjoy the outdoor living space. Your family will be comfortable and enjoy 3 private sleeping spaces and 2.5 bathroom spaces.

Enjoy cozy afternoons on the sunny deck or evenings by the fireplace. This home is the perfect place to enjoy your StayCay.

Architecture should be produced for everyone and made accessible to all – simply Scandinavian. Quality interior design with the idea that beautiful, healthy environment should make everyone’s life better.

Natural light is regarded as a most valuable aspect of harmony, and thus it dictates the entire design process.

Outdoor living space with full-length doors, to let the maximal amount of sunshine into the interior and remove the boundary between outdoor and indoor living.

The home is fully equipped for a long Swedish summer vacation. To encourage maximum relaxation, we offer a discount for 14+ day stays.

This home offers a nice laundry room with iron and ironing board – perfect for longer stays.
The 1/2 bathroom offers is perfect when the shower is in use.
Enjoy the private attached bathroom and large walk-in closet.
Sleeps two with direct access to the deck.
Sleeps two with direct access to the deck and large closets.
Sleeps two with large closets and attached shower/bathroom.
We want to exceed your expectations, book your staycay with us today.
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